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Idea toss.

Okay, for the longest time I've had an idea for a piece of EE&E fanfiction. However, I'd really like to get some feedback before I plunge into it all... mostly I just want to ask if you would be interested in reading the thing once it was finished or in progress.

The idea is this: Ed, Edd n' Eddy meet The Canterbury Tales.

For those of you not in the know, The Canterbury Tales (written by Geoffry Chaucer) is a book about a group of people who are travelling to Canterbury. Along the way, they tell each other stories to pass the time. The stories are a mix of fairy tales, moral stories, and comedies.

If I mixed the two together, it would basically result in the Eds being thrust into a weird medieval setting and reinterpreting some of the tales with the special Ed touch.

... This sounds so stupid, doesn't it? But I seriously think it could work out... I just want a little feedback, if anybody could give it. m(___)m
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