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Well, hello.

I've been here a while, but never really bothered to post anything. My name is Jon, and one day, I hope to have friends named Jonn and Jonny. (Not the same, but still...). My favorite characters are Ed, Edd, Rolf, all of the Kankers, and...well, everyone but Nazz. She's boring. I think my favorite episode is Fa-la-la Ed. You know, the Christmas one--when Ed is an elf. That episode rocks.
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That sort of thing is way more over rated then telivision would have you belive. Take it from me. My name is "Matt" and in middle school I had friends named "Matt" and "Matt". The three of us had art class together. It sounds cool, but the only memberable story we ever really had together was the day when we discussed how to tell which one of us the teacher was talking to when he said our name. (I'd tell you, but it loses something over the internet because for me it was a pleasent voice, the next guy a stern voice, and the last guy an angry voice. Yeah, yeah, I was the good one of the three. Shut up)
i don't think it's all that bad sharing a name with someone, as long as you get along alrite, and the confusion name-sharing brings is amusing at times. however, jessica was the most popular female baby name in 1984, so there are quite a few of us....
didja know that there's a word in spanish for people who have the same name?.... i can't think of it off the top of my head otherwise i'd enlighten you
My favorite episode just aired for the first time on friday night. It was the one where Ed hid the porno magazines for Eddy, and they couldn't find them. I thought it was halarious.